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CBN has also been involved in the development and dissemination of other resources, which can be ordered direct from the publishers.

Teenage Grief

Narrated by Lenny Henry

DVD/Video and booklet

This animated DVD/video contains six separate episodes about young people from a wide range of backgrounds, facing different kinds of bereavement. The pack aims to help parents and others understand the ways young people grieve and how best to support them. It can be used with parents and with groups to raise awareness or start a discussion.

The film has been produced by Leeds Animation Workshop in partnership with the Laura Centre, the University of Leicester, Family Care Nottingham and the Childhood Bereavement Network.

There is a free downloadable training package based on this film.

2007, Leeds Animation Workshop
Run time: 13 minutes
Price: £40 including VAT and p&p
Available from:

A Guide to Developing Good Practice in Childhood Bereavement Services

Childhood Bereavement Network

Whether you are setting up a new childhood bereavement service, or are already delivering one, this book is full of useful information.  The guide includes a general discussion of the importance of good practice in childhood bereavement services, and can be used as a reference work on specific issues when developing or reviewing your policy and procedures.

2006, National Children's Bureau
58pp. ISBN: 1 904787 99 1
Price: £12 (£9 for CBN/NCB members)


Picture from video Not Too Young to GrieveNot Too Young To Grieve

Narrated by Alison Steadman


This animated DVD/video is designed to help parents and carers give support to babies and children under five who have been bereaved. It is suitable for viewing by parents at home, on their own or with their children; and can also be used with groups from a wide range of backgrounds, to raise awareness or start a discussion.

The film has been produced by Leeds Animation Workshop in partnership with the Laura Centre, the Childhood Bereavement Network and the University of Leicester.

There is a free downloadable training package based on this film.

The DVD is available to borrow from your local public library service.

2005, Leeds Animation Workshop
Run time: 14 minutes
Price: £40 including VAT and p&p [£20 to Leeds organisations]
Available from:

Picture of book Young People Bereavement and LossYoung People, Bereavement and Loss: Disruptive transitions?

Jane Ribbens McCarthy with Julie Jessop


In Young People, Bereavement and Loss, the authors argue that bereavement is in fact a general - if difficult - part of growing up, and should be recognised as such. For some young people, where the loss is particularly major, it may be a source of very significant disruption to their lives. This wide ranging review of the literature on young people, bereavement and loss examines:

  • case studies and other evidence of how young people discuss their experiences of bereavement
  • the theoretical history of research into bereavement and young people
  • procedures and practice for working with bereaved young people

This report will help those involved with working with young people - across the broad range of mainstream as well as specialist services - to respond imaginatively and rigorously to this issue in young people's lives.

2005, National Children's Bureau for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation
86pp. ISBN: 1904787 452
Price: 13.95. (11.95 CBN/NCB members)

Picture of book Childhood Bereavement: Developing the Curriculum and Pastoral SupportChildhood Bereavement: Developing the curriculum and pastoral support

Nina Job and Gill Frances


Using case studies and drawing on best practice and expertise from across the Childhood Bereavement Network, this resource aims to help teachers and those working in schools to address death, dying and bereavement. It provides practical ideas for how to achieve this through the curriculum, as well as through pastoral care.

Childhood bereavement brings into the spotlight the important role schools play in helping children to understand death and bereavement, and in responding to children and young people facing bereavement.

2004, National Children's Bureau
72pp. ISBN: 1 904787 14 2
Price: 16 (12.80 for CBN/NCB members)

Picture of video Grief in the FamilyGrief in the Family

Narrated by Michael Rosen

Video & DVD

This 14-minute animated video/ DVD looks at the ways children and young people respond to grief, and what the adults around them can do to help. It gives parents and carers an insight into the process of grieving, its physical and emotional effects, and the special needs of children and young people. The video shows families from a wide range of backgrounds dealing with bereavement. It offers practical advice to parents who need to learn how to find support for themselves, while helping their children to express their feelings and handle confusing emotions. Stressing the importance of listening to children and answering their questions honestly, it encourages the development of communication and a supportive family environment.

The pack is designed as a resource for those working with families and bereaved children. It raises awareness and facilitates discussion in parenting education classes, training courses or schools. It is also suitable for viewing at home by parents, carers, and children. Grief in the Family is also available with subtitles for deaf people. A booklet containing background information is supplied free with the video/ DVD.

2002, Leeds Animation Workshop
Run time 14 minutes
Price: 40 including VAT and p&p [£20 to Leeds organisations]
Available from:

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