If you have been bereaved

You might be feeling a huge range of emotions. Or you might not be feeling much at all.

You might be worried about what's going to happen next. You might be feeling relieved.

You might be overwhelmed with sadness at one point. You might want to think about something else the next.

You might have people around you that want to talk more than you do. You might be struggling to find someone who understands.

However things are for you today, we're glad you've found your way to our site. Below are some tips from other young people who've been bereaved, along with suggestions of some websites that might help.

Tips from other young people

Grief Support For SelfDownload this card with suggestions from young people who've been through it. 

The young people who put these together were working with Seasons for Growth in Scotland. You might find some of these useful now, or in the future. If none of these seem to be helping, talk to someone you trust to get some more ideas.


Getting support from those around you

Grief support from parent or carer

Sometimes, people around you want to help but they're not sure how. Here are some suggestions for how your parent or carer can support you. You could tick the ones you think would work, and give it to them

Download the card


Grief support from friend

Here are some suggestions you can share with your friend, to help them support you in the way you would like.

Download the card


Grief support from school

Your teacher may want to help but not be sure how. Here are some ideas you could tick and share with them.

Download the card


You can also have a read of the suggestions in our Lost for Words e-book: it's full of advice from children and young people.

Suggested sites

Have a look at these dedicated sites for young people who've been bereaved

You can also get help from

Have you been bereaved?

Here are some more tips from young people who've been through it: