‘Traumatic and Complex Grief in Children and Young People’

04 June 18

This workshop aims to explore how to support a child or young person who may have experienced a traumatic death in the family or may be experiencing complex or prolonged grief due to personal circumstances.

Learning Outcomes
· To gain an understanding of the signs of potential complex grief.
· To review the impact of multiple losses upon the grieving process for both adults and     children, young people.
· To consider the impact of sudden traumatic death in relation to children or young people including death by suicide, murder or accidents.
· To explore the grief process of the surviving parent/carer in relation to traumatic death and the potential impact on the child or young person
· To develop greater confidence in providing support and when to refer on for further support. · To gain information on resources available.

Organiser: MOSAIC
Venue: The Orangery Suite, Merley House Lane, Wimborne, BH21 3AA
For more information:  or to book or email Laura