Life Matters Task force

We are proud to be part of the Life Matters taskforce, which has come together to develop recommendations to improve support for bereaved children and young people. To read our news release, click here. Our recommendations are:

  • Include dependent children on information given when registering a death
  • Train all teachers and carers of children on how to manage and support bereaved children following a death
  • Include bereavement and grief on the national curriculum
  • Introduce a cross-government bereavement strategy
  • Every organisation should have a bereavement policy and procedure¬†
  • The government should open a new consultation into how it can best support bereaved families financially.

Together, we have made a film explaining our recommendations. Please share it with your MP.

The task force was initially brought together to raise awareness of the issues that would face bereaved families after 6 April 2017, when the new Bereavement Support Payment system was introduced.

We quickly realised the need to look beyond financial support, including wider issues affecting bereaved children and their parents.

Life Matters Taskforce launch

The taskforce launched its recommendations at a reception at the House of Commons, hosted by Carolyn Harris MP.