How to carry out the audit

Assign a member of staff to lead on this work. They will need to

  • ensure engagement from across the school (teaching staff, support staff, senior leadership, governors, school council and other pupils, parents, external agencies).
  • download the audit tool and action plan
  • assign actions, agree completion dates and track progress.

Completing the audit tool and action plan

  1. As you work through the audit tool, assign a rating to each of the indicators (fully met/partly met/not met).
  2. Summarise evidence for how your school is meeting each of the indicators.
  3. If an indicator is partly met or not met, you can choose to add it to your action plan. It will automatically pull through to the action plan
  4. In the action plan, you can assign responsibility, set a completion date, and find more resources to help you with this action.
  5. Once you have rated each indicator, you will be able to download a logo showing that your school is Growing in Grief Awareness.

Download the audit and action plan excel spreadsheet here.