Consultation responses

We make frequent responses to national policy consultations. Read a selection of our responses here.

Response to consultation on 'Returning to work after time off for caring' (Government Equalities Office) October 2017 [630kb]

Response to Children and Young People's Mental Health - the role of education (House of Commons Health and Education Select Committees) January 2017 [413kb]

Response to Inquiry into Suicide Prevention (House of Commons Health Select Committee) September 2016 [455kb]

Response to Draft Scope on Improving Supportive and Palliative Care (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) January 2016 [413kb]

Evidence to Inquiry into Benefit Delivery (Work and Pensions Select Committee) September 2015 [632kb]

Response to Draft Guideline on Major Trauma Services (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) September 2015 [pdf 170kb]

Response to Draft Guideline on Care of the Dying Adult (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) September 2015 [pdf 304kb]

Response to consultation on Millenium Cohort Study Age 17 Survey (UCL Institute of Education) September 2015 [pdf 294kb]

Feedback on Ambitions for End of Life Care (National Palliative and End of Life Care Partnership) August 2015 [pdf 252kb]

Evidence to Inquiry into Palliative and End of Life Care (Health Select Committee)
December 2014 [pdf 648kb]

Response to Palliative Care Funding draft for discussion (NHS England)
December 2014 [pdf 625kb]

Response to Better Inspection for All (OFSTED)
December 2014 [pdf 614kb]

Response to Revisions to the School Admissions Code (DfE)
September 2014 [pdf 362kb]

Response to Child Poverty Strategy (DfE and DWP)
May 2014 [pdf 772kb]

Evidence to Review of situations where children are distressed (DWP)
May 2014 [pdf 93kb]